Choose The Future: Sara Lind for City Council


New York City is at a crossroads – are we going to build on the weak structures of the past or will we have the courage to make the changes our city needs?


Sara Lind's 2021 campaign for city council approached us to make a campaign video that would inspire voters in District 6 to believe that their lives can and will get better, if they choose to elect new, young, and progressive leaders with real vision.

Sara Lind_with children 2.jpg

Unscripted, unfiltered, and on-the-fly.

We approached the story as we do every film – asking questions, being open, and taking time to learn. We interviewed Sara in her home and followed her over a number of days as she campaigned, canvassed, held dialogues, and protested across the Upper West Side. 


In the end, "Choose The Future" documented Sara's work as an advocate, public servant, and activist to craft an authentic portrait of her leadership and the community she hopes to serve.

The future is coming.

Is New York City going to be ready for it?