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This Machine Media is a multidisciplinary production company dedicated to sparking civic engagement through

documentary storytelling.

Partnered Content

We collaborate with activists, organizations, and progressive campaigns to create thoughtful and innovative films that advocate for change and channel direct engagement.

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Our original documentaries break down complex issues into human form.

Our story.

We believe that the same techniques used to captivate audiences can and should be used to activate them.

Founded in 2020, we are a story-driven vehicle for advocacy and direct aid, partnering with organizations and individuals that work to better their communities, but lack the resources necessary to engage broader audiences.

We strive to produce stories that challenge inequities and channel direct engagement. We are committed to informing, immersing, and inspiring a global audience to take actionable steps toward collective progress.


Meet our founders.

We met in film school and dreamt up a company built on ethical storytelling and actionable results.
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Jacob Fertig

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Jaydn Gosselin

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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