Sara Lind Marching

Title: Billy Freeland for City Council


What was New York City built for — and who was it built for?


Certainly not to safely house all its residents or teach its students in desegregated, equitable schools. It wasn’t built to be eco-friendly or to protect communities of color. It wasn’t built to be clean, to support family businesses, or to make transport safe and easy.


New York City is struggling right now. But the coronavirus only exacerbated issues that had existed for generations. Issues at the core of our city’s foundations. We have a chance to rebuild. Will our leaders choose rely on the weak structures of the past or will we finally have a city built for the future?

What kind of comeback story are we going to tell?

“Choose The Future” is a two-minute long campaign video documenting Sara’s hustle as a public advocate, outspoken leader, and activist pushing New York City into a just and equitable future.

We follow Sara’s grassroots campaign from her home to struggling local businesses in the Upper West Side, from the socially-distanced subways to protests on the streets, as she inspires a community shaken by the coronavirus. We spend time with some of Sara’s fiercest supporters in the community, struggling but brave enough to have hope.


“Choose The Future” paints an authentic portrait of District 6 that challenges its residents to look ahead, to the future, to believe that things can and will get better if they have the courage to elect new, young, progressive leaders with vision.

The future is coming.

Is New York City going to be ready for it?